“Peace is Our Choice” – International Peace Day, 21st of September 2016

Since 2011 Nansen Dialogue Centre (NDC) Prijedor, organize activities to mark the "International Day of Peace," and the third time, starting in 2014, in the joint implementation of activities with project partners, primary schools from Prijedor, Ostra Luka and Sanski Most. In activities where we invited all primary schools from mentioned cities / municipalities, more than 440 students and professors from eight (8) schools from Prijedor, one (1) from Ostra Luka and four (4) from Sanski Most participated.

Students from two schools from Prijedor participated in activities organized on 21.09.2016. in the park at Zdena in Sanski Most, and students from four schools from Sanski Most participated in the event organized on the same day at the small city square in Prijedor.

Also, the implementation of activities in both cities involved high school students, as well as representatives of the Association of Women.

Mr. Steinar Bryn, founder and senior consultant of Nansen Dialogue Network and honorary citizen of Prijedor from Lillehammer in Norway, Peter Smith, "My Life production" from the UK and Goran Lojančić, NDC Serbia are some of the project partners and associates of NDC Prijedor who along with members of Nansen Coordination Board for planning, directors of primary schools, NDC Prijedor alumni members and representatives of different target groups that NDC Prijedor cooperate with, participated in the activities of the event.

At the event for the “International Peace Day” were present representatives of Ministries, International community, International and local NGOs, local and republic / state institutions, medias and other relevant institutions.

NDC Prijedor organized an event to mark the “International Day of Peace” as part of the program line "Peace education - prevention and conflict management" that is implemented in primary schools since 2010 and since then until 2016 involved more than 2500 students and 250 teachers.

NDC Prijedor project is financially supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.