The event “Building together”

A three day event “Building together” organized by Nansen Dialogue Centre Sarajevo and Foundation Schüler Helfen Leben (SHL) to support youth in decision making will be held in Jajce from 6th to 8th May 2017.

During the first day, 100 students of the event “Building together” in Jajce will present their needs and outline the support needed. The SHL Foundation will introduce 25 positive stories realised during 25 years of its work in BiH and introduce nominees for the title of Ambassadors of activism and the best project supported by the SHL Foundation in 2016.

On the Day 2, 100 participants from the Vocational High School will volunteer to repair the interiors and the school yard. On the same day, the youth will interview citizens about good and bad sides of life in Jajce and their personal thoughts about life in context of the local community. During the day, an event will be held at the renovated school yard to promote the Ambassadors of activism and the best project supported by the SHL Foundation that will be selected by the participants in the event.

On the Day 3, 8th May 2017, Nansen dialogue centre Sarajevo will organize a Conference “Jajce, one more successful story or..???''

The students of the Vocational High School have been part of the programme supported through projects of the Nansen dialogue centre (NDC) Sarajevo realised in Jajce since 2009.

A number of activities were organized with students, teachers and parents of the Vocational High School with support of the school administration, municipality and the Cantonal Ministry of Education. One of important outcomes of the engagement is creation of Nansen Forum of Youth Peacebuilders (NFYP) among students of this school. Upon establishing NFYP, the students developed and realised a number of inter-ethnic local and regional activities with support of NDC teacher's alumni and NKO.

Regardless of the positive outcomes, during the spring of 2016, the Cantonal Ministry of Education decided to establish a new (parallel) school for Bosniak students in Bosnian language, which would divide the students based on the ethnic background.

Group of students protested such decision. The decision has been suspended, for now.
Some of our members from the Nansen Forum of Youth Peacebuilders were the leaders of this protest which lead us to believe that the engagement of the students came as a result of the involvement of the Nansen Dialogue Centre Sarajevo in Jajce.

In light of existing situation, trying to round up two decades of work of NDC Sarajevo adequately, an international Conference will be held in Jajce.

Importance of protests as political act par excellence and surely unique in the recent history of BiH, but also about the importance of the process itself that lead to the protests will be discussed at the Conference.

Experiences, needs, expectations and perspectives of inter-ethnic cooperation and role of local and international actors in creation of conditions for social change are titles of the panels to be organized within the Conference. Nansen dialogue approach will be presented afterwards as well as a presentation of a case study and a space for dialogue on theme Jajce as another successful or short lived success story.

Participants at the Conference are: representatives of the local authorities, representatives of the school, representatives of NFYP (Jajce, Zvornik, Bratunac and Srebrenica), representatives of NCB (Jajce, Zvornik, Bratunac and Srebrenica), parents, representatives of Nansen dialogue network from the region and the media.

About the organizers:

Foundation Schüler Helfen Leben (SHL) is a German youth foundation present in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1992 aiming to improve position of the youth. SHL Foundation offers a number of possibilities for the youth like programmes of non-formal education, financial support to youth projects and youth exchanges between the youth from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Germany.

Nansen dialogue centre Sarajevo is a non-profit NGO that aim to develop democratic practice and contribute to prevention and solving of conflict in peaceful way in Bosnia and Herzegovina through promotion of dialogue between different ethnic, national, regional, political and interest groups.