Interethnic education through dialogue

Nansen Dialogue Centre Sarajevo organized workshops as a part of the project PRO-Future “Interethnic education through dialogue” from 20.02. until 09.03. 2017.

Workshops took place with students, teachers and representatives of Council of parents in followed municipalities: Jablanica, Trebinje, Bugojno, Zvornik, Kalesija and Sapna.

The project “Interethnic education through dialogue” is aimed to establish dialogue between high school students fro twenty PRO-Future municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and to improve their skills in nonviolent communication and peaceful conflict resolution.

Implementation of this project is a part of four years long PRO-Future project supporte by USAID, which is implemnted by Catholic Relief Services (CRS) together with partners, and is aimed to establish trust among the citizens of all ethnic groups in BiH, which is leading to the stable peace based on the real dialogu and mutual understanding..