The second year of implementation of Nansen Model for Integrated Education in Prozor / Rama and Stolac

Extra-curricular activities, as part of  Nansen Model for Integrated Education, are held twice a week in primary schools "Alija Isakovic" and "Marko Marulic" (Prozor / Rama), and as of this school year, the implementation of Nansen Model for Integrated Education started its implemenat in elementary schools in Stolac (Osnovna škola Stolac and Prva osnovna škola Stolac). The Model is implemented in four classes.

The teachers, NMIE tandems, who carry out the interethnic activities in the schools, have passed several months training, organized in collaboration with our colleagues from NDC Skopje.

Our tandems Jasminka Kuraja Vladić / Emina Benca (Prozor / Rama), with their assistants Alisa Dželilović and Branka Zadro run „Eco Course“  for third and fourth graders, while Ina Eminović / Davor Puljić / Goran Bošković (Stolac) run "Me and Others" course for third graders.

The workshops are aimed at educating young people on non-violent communication, and developing an active and responsible attitude towards the environment. The programs for the courses are inspired by similar workshops in neighbouring and other countries, found in various books and manuals, and are adapted and prepared by the educational team of NDC Mostar and teachers/tandems, who implement activities in these schools.
NMIE is implemented with the support of the US Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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