Vision and Mission


Our vision is of a world in which:

- Societies are peaceful, inclusive and functional
- Diversity is an asset
- Every person respects and enjoys human rights
- Integration, and not segregation, is a core value
- Conflicts are transformed into opportunities through dialogue

Our mission:

To support actively and effectively intercultural and interethnic
dialogue processes at local, national and international levels with the aim of contributing to
conflict prevention, reconciliation and peace building

Nansen Dialogue wishes to empower people who live in conflict situations to contribute to peaceful conflict transformation on the basis of democracy and human rights. We wish to provide a neutral space where people from opposite sides in serious conflicts can meet face to face in honest dialogue.

Through dialogue, participants gain new understanding of each other’s experiences, perspectives, and needs. Enemy images may be broken down and relationships rebuilt. On this foundation, we explore alternative solutions to joint challenges.

Our values are:

- Long term commitment
- Impartiality
- Integrity
- Inclusiveness
- Transparency
- Accountability & responsibility

Our key operating principles:

- Activities developed in accordance with the needs of local communities
- Generating trust and mutual respect and striving for local ownership over processes and results
- Working in partnership
- Caring about sustainability of processes and actions
- Multilevel, knowledge-based and result-oriented approach
- Quality before quantity
- Systematic monitoring and evaluation
- Sharing information, knowledge and experience

To download the Nansen Dialogue Network Strategy 2011-2015 click here