Cultural Projects

Dialogue can be initiated in different ways, with different methods. In some cases, the Nansen Dialogue Network uses cultural expressions as a way to reach different groups.

Important examples are the theatre productions: “Duplo Dno” and “Kost U Grlu”, created by young people in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and presented to audiences in several towns. A similar performance took place in Bujanovac in Southern Serbia, including young people from different ethnic groups.

The main aim of these project is to offer a multi-ethnic arena for youth, which can stimulate increased contact between them. The theatre pieces addresses challenges that most young people living in post-war societies have in common, such as apathy, corruption and perceived lack of opportunity. Through the performances, these topics are brought into the public. For more information, see the website of NDC Mostar.

NDC Osijek released the documentary film "Untold Stories"  in June 2009. The film tells the powerful stories of people who helped each other during the war, despite being on different sides of the conflict divide. The official opening of the film was in Sarajevo on June 23, 2009. See more on NDC Osijek's website.