Activities and Projects

The Nansen Dialogue Network is involved in different kinds of activities and projects mainly:

• Local community reconciliation projects.
• Establishment of and support to Dialogue Centers.
• Projects & policy advice on school/educational issues.
• Design of multicultural school curricula.
• Projects supporting inter-ethnic municipality cooperation for the improvement of citizens’ lives.
• Training and knowledge/experience sharing initiatives (courses, seminars, workshops, etc.).
• Development of training materials.
• Information and sensitization actions targeting public opinion, civil society, local and national authorities and international community.
• Research.
• Publications.

Detailed information for each specific activity can be found on the websites of the different Nansen Dialogue Centres.

Many activities are carried out by the individual Nansen Dialogue Centres, while other activities are organised jointly by two or more Centres or by the Nansen Dialogue Network as a whole.